Superintendent Note: COVID-19 Protocols

August 13, 2021 

Hello NCSD Parents and Legal Guardians, 

Out of an abundance of caution and for transparency, we need to inform our school communities there have been a number of individuals at multiple school sites who have tested positive for COVID-19. Whether staff or student, these individuals were placed on quarantine status based on CDC Guidelines. If an official from your school has not contacted you, your student was not impacted.  

Starting Monday, August 16, each school will contact their respective parents and guardians anytime a student or staff member has been confirmed to be COVID-19 positive and placed on quarantine status. This school communication will come through a robocall, email, and text message.  

We have attached the Nye County School District’s COVID-19 Screening CDC Guidelines. Please take some time to review these with your student.  

It is imperative to keep your student home if they are experiencing any of the symptoms listed and follow the provided NCSD COVID-19 Screening CDC Guideline. 

The safety and well being of our students, staff, and community are at the forefront of our NCSD mission.  

Dr. Warren Shillingburg 
Superintendent of Schools 

(Click Here for a PDF of this announcement.)